Trader Joe’s Response to COVID-19 March 25, 2020

Trader Joe’s Response to COVID-19

Beginning March 16, Trader Joe’s revised its store hours for all locations until further notice. The stores will be open from 9 am until 7 pm to support crew members in taking care of each other and customers.

Further action was taken on March 23 through more revised store hours: every day between 9 am and 10 am, crew members will maintain an additional line outside the front door for senior customers. This will ensure that those customers in need will have expedited entrance to the store to help make their experience a more positive one.

In light of COVID-19, Trade Joe’s locations temporarily closed for thorough cleaning to ensure customers and crew members were in healthy and safe environments. The company stated, “We are working closely with local health officials to take all necessary measures and provide our communities with the most appropriate information needed to make an informed decision regarding their health and safety.”

Additionally, the company issued another statement regarding third-party resellers of Trader Joe’s products. “The work we do to provide value through offering great quality products at outstanding prices is present in our stores. When we open for business each day, we are focused on our customers—people for whom shopping at Trader Joe’s is a personal matter. For this reason, we only sell our products in our physical stores. At times, and more so recently, we have been aware of our products being resold, often at exorbitant prices and in various places online and elsewhere. This is done without our approval or authorization and outside the controls of our quality-minded supply chain. To be clear, we neither condone nor support the reselling of our products and do all we can to stop this practice.”

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