November 28, 2022

Uncle Waithley’s Ginger Beer with Scotch Bonnet Pepper Expands Distribution

Karl Franz Williams, Caribbean-American mixologist, restaurateur and owner of Harlem’s 67 Orange Street and New Haven’s Anchor Spa, has announced the retail and online expansion of Uncle Waithley’s Vincy Brew, Ginger Beer with Scotch Bonnet Pepper.

A non-alcoholic small batch ginger beer, Uncle Waithley’s is a refreshing beverage and an ideal mixer to add great ginger flavor to cocktails and mocktails. It’s made with fresh, flavorful, all-natural ingredients, rather than extracts. Uncle Waithley’s is uniquely enhanced with Scotch bonnet, a pepper prized throughout the Caribbean and Africa, for its heat and flavor, giving the drink a spicy finish. The MSRP is $8.99.

“After years of looking for the right ginger beer for my bars: one that tasted fresh and natural but with a nuance that I had only tasted in the Caribbean, I decided to make my own,” said Franz Williams. “My team and I spent real time iterating and developing until I felt we had a ginger beer that would truly honor its namesake and my inspiration: my grandfather, Uncle Waithley.”

The Uncle Waithley was a ginger farmer, beloved by his family and community, who was committed to making the lives of those around him better. He was passionate about health and made his own ginger beer. He lived to be 100 years old.

Uncle Waithley’s is made using a proprietary process that is unique in the industry. “We grind and press fresh Peruvian organic ginger and then age our ginger beer using our vintage fermentation process for richness and maturation. We balance the added sugar with fresh-squeezed lime juice, turmeric, and mineral water infused with natural salts to enhance our flavors,” he said.

Uncle Waithley’s launched in Whole Foods Market Harlem in January of this year and quickly became a top seller. Whole Foods Market recently expanded the “Vincy Brew” to most of its New York City locations. Uncle Waithley’s can be purchased in four packs of 12 oz. bottles or individual bottles at these Whole Foods Market locations. Uncle Waithley’s also recently added an Amazon store, allowing the brand to go national. Meanwhile, Franz Williams also signed a deal with Vintages Bequia to bring Uncle Waithley’s home to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Uncle Waithley’s is also available at Boisson and on-premises at more than 40 bars and restaurants in the New York tri-state area.

“It is no surprise that Uncle Waithley’s is having such a great reception right now,” said Franz Williams. “Consumers are looking for authentic products and the pandemic has increased the interest in healthier food and beverage products that are still tasty and fun. Ginger has long been prized for its benefits in treating digestive health, nausea relief, diabetes, and many other ailments. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties and antimicrobial potential, which can help in treating infectious diseases.”

Uncle Waithley’s, a Black and Caribbean-owned business, will begin raising capital through a StartEngine equity crowdfunding campaign in December. Combining its founder’s more than 17 years of experience developing and running multiple successful bars and restaurants and his leadership in the brand management, marketing, and innovation departments at Pepsi and Procter & Gamble, and support from Caminus Ventures, Uncle Waithley’s is well-positioned to bring this unique ginger beer experience to lovers of flavor everywhere.

For more information, visit Uncle Waithleys.

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