UNFI, CoupDog Team Up to Invigorate Digital Coupon Experience for Grocery Retailers October 21, 2022

UNFI, CoupDog Team Up to Invigorate Digital Coupon Experience for Grocery Retailers

United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) has announced a new relationship with CoupDog that will allow UNFI retailers to realize significant benefits from state-of-the-art digital coupon technology. CoupDog is a digital coupon provider specializing in innovative support to independent retailers as the industry transitions to a new standard Universal Digital Coupon.

As the largest publicly traded grocery wholesale distributor in North America, UNFI is focused on providing its customers with cutting-edge products and services to help them operate their stores more efficiently. The relationship with CoupDog and their groundbreaking Blockchain technology, provides UNFI retailers access to an easy-to-use and reliable digital coupon that can be integrated into mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet or even printed on paper. CoupDog’s patented solution also fully supports the new 8112 Universal Digital Coupon format.

Coupons provide attractive value to consumers through discounts and deals and drive traffic to stores, especially as shoppers continue to face inflationary pressure and other economic concerns. Historically, retailers have had to balance these benefits with fraud concerns related to traditional coupons. CoupDog’s innovative technology addresses those concerns while making it simple and hassle free for consumers to discover and redeem valuable digital coupons from national, regional and even emerging consumer goods companies. By leveraging its network of suppliers, UNFI will be able to enhance supplier marketing and merchandising while improving overall deals and offers. This, in turn, can help UNFI’s more than 30,000 customer locations drive increased participation in manufacturer-funded coupon redemption.

“Retailers rely on UNFI to help them discover what’s next, introduce them to new opportunities to drive growth and efficiencies and deliver insights and expertise that help them succeed in their market. To that end, we’re excited to be working with CoupDog to unleash the latest in digital technology to redefine coupons for grocery retail,” said Chris Testa, President at UNFI. “Our focus is on solutions that empower retailers to grow and thrive while improving the customer experience for shoppers. These technologically advanced coupons not only deliver a more reliable and secure transaction, but  they are also structured to reduce costs, improve cash flow, increase shopper loyalty and drive retailer profits.”

CoupDog digital coupons easily integrate with a retailer’s point-of-sale, e-commerce and marketing platforms to create a seamless omnichannel experience for shoppers. The complexity of coupon acceptance, validation and redemption is completely managed by CoupDog, with no additional labor required from retailers. This should result in substantive cost savings when compared to other platforms. Additionally, integration with UNFI’s existing paper coupon clearing service facilitates a quick and seamless payment to retailers.

“We are very excited to be working with UNFI to empower independent grocers to deliver a modern, simple, easy-to-use digital coupon platform,” said Rob Balfour, Chief Executive Officer of CoupDog. “We are proud to provide these retailers with best-in-class promotional tools, allowing them to deliver compelling promotions and significant cost savings to their customers.”

With more than 150 customizable solutions, UNFI Professional Services helps grocery retailers succeed by reducing operating costs, driving traffic, increasing basket size and enhancing the customer experience. Services offered include pricing support, in-store shelf management, planograms, POS and cashier-less checkout technology, store remodels and more.

To learn more about UNFI, visit UNFI.

For more information about CoupDog, visit CoupDog.



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