January 8, 2024

UNLIMEAT Expands Its K-Vegan Reach in US Retail Markets

UNLIMEAT, a leading plant-based Korean food brand, has recently broadened its US retail sales, introducing a variety of Korean-inspired vegan foods like frozen Kimbap and Mandu. Starting this month, the brand is taking its commitment to K-vegan options a step further by introducing new products in Northern California.

The company successfully launched its plant-based Korean BBQ and pulled pork offerings in the US market last year, receiving an impressive response to its products available at Albertsons grocery stores. Building on this success, UNLIMEAT has expanded its footprint to include natural and organic retailers like Berkeley Bowl, Mollie Stone’s Market, Lassens Natural Foods & Vitamins and Good Earth Market, where it has continued to receive positive feedback.

UNLIMEAT first focused its retail sales efforts on Northern California and is now expanding its reach through shelves in New York City boutique grocery stores, such as Brooklyn Fair and Orchard Grocer. Additionally, the company has expanded their K-vegan product line and recently revamped their packaging.

UNLIMEAT plans to further expand its retail sales and food service collaborations throughout the US next year to make its products more accessible to Americans. Ryan Chung, Co-CEO of UNLIMEAT, emphasized that the brand’s aim to create delicious, balanced, plant-based Korean food that appeals to both plant and meat eaters. “We’re so excited to launch our K-vegan products in the NorCal area. Expanding our partnership with grocery stores and food service in many areas, including New York City, allows us to bring our balanced wholesome Korean vegan products to even more people, expanding the overall addressable market,”, he remarked.

UNLIMEAT’s frozen Kimbap, a modern twist on the beloved Korean rolls, comes in multiple varieties, featuring either UNLIMEAT plant based Bulgogi or Tuna, giving it a nutritious and exceptional flavor profile. Its frozen Kimbap remains fresh and its outer seaweed remains crisp for up to 12 months while only taking two and a half minutes to heat up. Their Mandu, is a plant-based version of contemporary Korean pork dumplings and contain 11 percent less sodium and 50 percent less fat than regular pork dumplings. The company’s Chapssaruni, a gluten-free cake made from glutinous rice, is shaped like a baby bundt cake and a soft, chewy texture reminiscent of mochi. This plant-based dessert, free of gluten, dairy and animal products, is currently the best-selling vegan item in Korea.


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