April 30, 2024

VELVEETA Debuts Queso Line

VELVEETA, the iconic cheese brand known for its supremely creamy texture that satisfies cravings, announces its first-ever queso offering. Allowing fans to indulge in their favorite cheese on any occasion, VELVEETA Queso debuts in three flavors – Queso Con Salsa, Queso Blanco and Jalapeno – and marks the brand’s first venture into the ready-to-eat queso category.

VELVEETA has long-been synonymous with queso – in fact, every year shoppers purchase 125 million pounds of VELVEETA loaf to make the delicious cheesy dip. Despite the decades-long recipe that fans indulge in, a ready-to-eat version has yet to be available – until now. The new resealable jars offer a convenient way for fans to enjoy their favorite cheese in small groups or on their own.

Drawing inspiration from fans combining spice and bold flavors to elevate their mac & cheese, VELVEETA is also launching two new flavors of Shells and Cheese—Pizza and Buffalo. As the first new flavors of Shells & Cheese in twelve years, the product is tailored to those who relish in the excitement of customization and aims to provide even more ways to hit the spot when it comes to big mood food. Alongside the new flavors, the brand is also debuting its first-ever Gluten-Free Shells & Cheese offering as consumers lifestyles and preferences continue to evolve.

“At VELVEETA we are continuing to take big swings to establish ourselves as part of culture, pushing the boundaries not just in marketing but also innovation as we strive to captivate a younger audience,” said Alison Kelly, Director, VELVEETA. “Whether it’s the convenient format of our queso for everyday indulgence, the rich flavors of our new Shells & Cheese or a gluten free version for those with dietary restrictions, VELVEETA has something for every cheese lover.”

The VELVEETA innovations are the latest example of the brand’s commitment to encourage fans to live La Dolce Velveeta, unapologetically embracing pleasure by indulging in the things they love most. Launching at retailers nationwide beginning in May, the innovations are set to elevate mealtime experiences for pleasure seekers who believe food is meant to be enjoyed.

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