November 14, 2022

Veroni Sponsorship Strategy Elevates Brand Among US Sports Fans

Veroni is this year’s official Italian charcuterie sponsor at the Houston Open 2022, one of the premier PGA tour events in Texas from Nov. 10 to Nov. 13.

After successful sponsorships at the top US tennis tournament, Veroni is ready to impress the golf sector.

“We are honored to be the charcuterie sponsor of the Houston Open 2022, which comes after successful sponsorships of tennis tournaments and culinary events,” said Marco Veroni, President of Veroni USA. “These sponsorship activities represent great opportunities to let American consumers have a bite of Italian tradition and appreciate the passion for good food passed down in our family. The tasting experience is the only way to comprehend the concept of imported charcuterie”.

2022 has been a year of great visibility for Veroni thanks to a well-structured sponsorships strategy choosing the most popular sport and culinary events in the United States. From New York’s most renowned culinary festival to the most important tennis tournaments like Miami Open, Washington City Open and Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati, Veroni is elevating its brand of high-quality imported from Italy charcuterie amongst the US sport and food fans.

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