May 30, 2023

Veroni to Launch Humanely Raised Meat at IDBBA 2023 Show in June

Veroni, the first brand of Italian charcuterie in the US, chooses the IDDBA show, running from June 4 to June 6 in Anaheim, CA, to introduce its animal wellbeing program.

By the end of 2023, all Veroni’s trays will be implemented with the certification claim on them: “Humanly Raised Meat.” The historical Italian cold-cut producer sources its pork meat from sustainable farms that adhere to an animal welfare program. Indeed, the pork used is processed and stored completely separately from other pork meat and is identified with a unique label throughout the production.

According to the “humanely raised” concept, pigs are raised following the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare, which outline the aspects of animal wellbeing under human control. Farmers have to respect strict requirements in regard to all pigs’ life spheres, from their living space on the farm to the animal feed, health and transport. This means that farmers do not use hormones and feed the pigs with a vegetarian diet.

In details, the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare are:

  • Freedom from hunger, malnutrition and thirst
  • Freedom from fear and distress
  • Freedom from physical and thermal discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease
  • Freedom to express normal patterns of behavior

“Launching our charcuterie humanely raised certificated is a big success for us. We know that the charcuterie sector has changed a lot over time, and we’ve been able to capitalize on the key trends in the segment,” said Marco Veroni, President of Veroni USA. “Since 1925, Veroni has been offering high-quality charcuterie produced with recipes passed down from generation to generation and premium raw materials. This certification means an additional guarantee for our consumers, they can trust us not only for the authentic taste of our products but also for our transparency. We are guided by love for good food, respect for tradition, passion for quality and attention to new food and nutritional trends. This winning strategy has allowed us to be recognized as the first Italian cured meat brand in the USA.”

The beloved company, which in 2025 will celebrate 100 years, continues to elevate the Italian aperitivo ritual. Veroni’s Booth (#2039) has been designed as a lounge to welcome visitors and let them taste and enjoy authentic Italian charcuterie, experiencing that conviviality that was missed during the pandemic. Indeed, the brand-new products that Veroni is showcasing at the show represent the perfect ingredients to mingle with friends and indulge in a relaxing moment. These include the Maxi antipasto line which comes in the new eco-friendly tray made of 75 percent less plastic than traditional Veroni trays and FSC-certified paper. There will be also different types of Salami Chubs and their sliced versions, the new pairing options of the snack line and a restyled Enjoy AperiTime line – a ready-to-share charcuterie board that combines deli meats with cheese and dried fruits.

Veroni’s Maxi Platters

A Maxi platter of 12oz in an eco-friendly tray, Maxi platters include a selection of Veroni charcuterie paired with cheese. The new combination that has joined the line features only cold cuts, the best Italian specialties such as Speck, Coppa, Salame Toscano and Salame Calabrese.

Snack Line

Veroni’s Snack Line serves the grab-and-go segment, as it’s an ideal option to enjoy a food break in the office, at school or after the gym. Designed following the concept of the Italian “merenda” (break time), the line is a rich-in protein option that comes in practical packaging to take with you. Authentic Italian cold cuts are combined with cheese and Italian breadsticks or dried fruits for a snack that guarantees a correct amount of proteins and a big taste at the same time. Imported Italian mild salami, provolone and roasted almonds are the ingredients of one of the new entries while the second one features imported Italian Prosciutto, provolone cheese and breadsticks.

Veroni’s Salami Chubs

The brand-new Chubs range includes different types of salame: Milano: long aging, finely ground fat, intense red color and particular sweetness to the palate; Parma: mild salami seasoned with salt and pepper; Truffle: sweet aroma, strong flavor and delicate fragrance, with hints of porcini mushroom and hazelnut, given by the black summer truffle; Salame Calabrese for all the spicy lovers, produced according to the traditions of the Calabria region. These different and typical Italian salami are also available in the sliced version, ready to serve and taste.

Enjoy AperiTime Line

In the Italy corner created by Veroni, visitors can taste the successful Enjoy AperiTime line too. With a new entry, featuring Imported Italian “soppressata” and salame paired with olives, provolone and almonds, the line aims to enrich the authentic Italian Aperitivo experience. The new rectangular trays and the new ingredient combinations represent the effort of Veroni to meet the American taste while offering the opportunity to enjoy an Italian aperitivo without having to leave their homes.

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