April 30, 2020

Volunteers Build Truckers Welcome Website to Support Truckers During Pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of volunteers from the North American technology community has banded together to build and launch Truckers Welcome, a site that helps truck drivers find essential services across the US and Canada that are available and near their current locations. Designed to help front-line workers, Truckers Welcome addresses some of the significant challenges truck drivers face while on the road keeping goods and supplies flowing to grocery stores, hospitals and communities. The mobile website helps drivers find services that are still available near them during this crisis, using the location on their Smartphone.

As a social application, Truckers Welcome helps businesses add and share information about the services they are still able to provide to drivers – such as drive-through meals, washrooms, Wi-Fi and fuel. With a simple click, both truck drivers and businesses can easily and immediately add more businesses. It’s open to anyone so both large and small businesses alike can share how they are helping.

With over 1600 locations already registered across North America and hundreds of new locations being added weekly, Truckers Welcome is fast becoming an indispensable resource.

“As more places have been closing down, it’s harder to find important basics like a warm meal and a bathroom,” said Stan Bianowski, owner/operator of Stan’s Transport. “As a driver, I’m proud to be doing what I can to help keep our supply chain moving and a little help in finding a place to get a meal helps keep me going.”

“With the important social distancing guidelines in effect for the foreseeable future, we want to build up a valuable source of information for both truckers and business,” said Dom Chorafakis, a Toronto-based volunteer working on Truckers Welcome who also is a Technology Consultant. “This has been a continental effort with people volunteering to help from across Canada and the US.”

Added Ania Halliop Software Engineering leader and also a Toronto-base volunteer: “It’s our small way of helping the front lines and a way to say thank-you to all the people working so hard to keep our supply chain moving.”

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