December 2, 2022

Von Hanson’s Snacks Expands Production Capabilities

Minnesota-based seasoned pretzel purveyor Von Hanson’s Snacks has announced an investment in production equipment as part of a strategy to triple its capacity in response to demand from food retailers.

Von Hanson’s Snacks is an offshoot of the well-known Von Hanson’s Meats. Originally introduced in 2017 as an augmentation to the existing popular meat products, the snacks business quickly grew to warrant its own facility, staff and fulfillment center. The brand offers seven distinct flavors of seasoned pretzels.

Von Hanson’s Snacks’ success stems from partnerships with pubs, boutiques and select retailers across the US. In recent years, the business development team has carefully managed its customer base to be able to deliver product on-time and in-full. However, the growing demand stretched the existing facility’s capabilities to its limits. This new equipment offers improved speed, accuracy and yield, enabling the team to expand into the food retail sector.

Jon Tennessen, Owner and Sales Manager, said, “While we have been very happy with the demand for this product line, it’s been a real challenge to keep the product moving out the shipping doors on-time, as our customers deserve. We hate to turn anyone away from a good partnership, so it became evident that investing in this new seasoning and packaging equipment would enable the company to grow. We chose a brand that is known for accuracy and speed while being made in the USA.”

More information on partnership opportunities can be found here.

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