November 15, 2022

Voyage Foods Announces Launch into Physical Retail Nationwide

Voyage Foods, which is recreating foods that face a range of environmental challenges using food science, proprietary technology and natural ingredients, announced today its national in-store retail launch across major grocers including Sprouts Farmers Market, Fairway Market, Gourmet Garage, Mar-Val Food Stores and Nugget Markets.

Sprouts Farmers Market will debut Voyage’s Peanut-Free Spread as part of its Forager Program in November 2022.

Many of our favorite foods face uncertain futures for a range of health, environmental and humanitarian reasons. These issues are further compounded by the fact that grocery inflation is at an all-time high in 40-plus years, with 95 percent of US households changing their purchasing habits to account for increasing prices. Voyage Foods’ products are made to be enjoyed by consumers looking for more accessible, sustainable and cost-efficient foods that are better for people and the planet, without compromising on taste.

Voyage Foods’ physical retail launch begins with its Peanut-Free Spread, a roasted seed spread that offers the same rich flavor people love from traditional peanut butter, just without the nuts.

“Consumers are currently facing many challenges when shopping for groceries due to supply chain constraints, climate change, allergens on the rise and increasing inflation. As a mission-driven food manufacturer, we recognize the deep-rooted value that food holds in consumers’ lives and we have a unique opportunity to ensure people can continue enjoying the foods they love,” said Adam Maxwell, CEO and Founder of Voyage Foods. “As we continue to increase our distribution and retail footprint, we’re continuing to tell the story of how our products support, honor and uphold the traditions we have around what and how we eat – especially when those traditions are threatened by external forces. We’re excited to work with retailers nationwide and introduce our Peanut-Free Spread to the masses.”

Voyage Foods’ Peanut-Free Spread will debut on shelves at more than 350 Sprouts Farmers Market locations at an introductory price of $3.99 per 16oz jar and at other retailers starting at $4.99.

“Voyage Foods’ products are the answer to rising consumer demand for foods that address changing environmental and health needs, while still performing on taste,” said Chris Vogel, Category Manager of Sprouts. “We’re excited to offer Voyage’s Peanut-Free Spread to families living with food allergies and looking for more variety on the shelves.”

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