June 1, 2018

Walmart’s Jetblack takes the high-end in Amazon rivalry

On June 1, Walmart announced the launch of the newest weapon in its war on Amazon. Jetblack, is a members-only personal shopping service that allows customers to order items using text messages with same-day or next-day delivery. The service has followed an invite-only model so far, but the company recently opened a waitlist for customers. The service is available in parts of New York City and costs $50-a-month.

Jetblack is the first fruit of Walmart’s in-house incubator, Studio No.8 and its development was led by Jenny Fleiss, whose past accomplishments include the founding of Rent the Runway that made designer clothing rentable and accessible.

“With Jetblack, we have created an entirely new concept that enables consumers to get exactly what they need through the convenience of text messaging and the freedom of a nearly unlimited product catalogue,” Fleiss said in a statement to CNN.

The service will deliver products from Walmart, Jet, Saks Fifth Avenue and select stores in New York. Walmart disclosed it planned to expand Jetblack services beyond New York.



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