Whole Foods and June cook up more convenience for customers October 10, 2018

Whole Foods and June cook up more convenience for customers

Amazon has found yet another way to integrate technology to make its services more convenient for consumers. On Oct. 9, 2018, Amazon-owned Whole Foods partnered with the company that pioneered the smart oven market — June. Through the partnership, foods sold at Whole Foods Market will be integrated into the June chef-created custom cook programs for specific foods and recipes.

Users will enable users to automatically cook more than 30 products from the Whole Foods’ 365 Everyday Value range in addition to other recipes and foods that are part of June’s chef-created custom cook programs.

“This is the first partnership of its kind and allows us to deliver a unique benefit to both June owners and Whole Foods Market shoppers, all of whom are busy but prioritize eating well,” said Matt Van Horn, Co-Founder and CEO of June. “We are working together toward a shared goal of helping people eat healthier and cook more,” Horn said.

An over the air software update to all June ovens will result in a Whole Foods Market icon on the user interface. Recipes range from fresh salmon with lemon thyme rub to pork andouille sausage to frozen vegetable medley.

“It’s our mission to bring the highest quality experience, convenience and innovation to our customers,” said Norma Quon, a senior director of global marketing for Whole Foods Market. “As adoption of smart cooking continues to grow exponentially, this partnership allows us to provide a unique offering that makes it even easier for shoppers to enjoy their favorite Whole Foods Market products.”

June will be sold in select Whole Foods Market stores in California for $799 in October.


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