February 26, 2016

Woof Gang Bakery growing by leaps and bounds

Woof Gang Bakery, launched in 2007, has grown to encompass 31 franchise locations in Florida, Texas, North Carolina and Nevada. They plan on launching at least 14 new stores in 2013, beginning with locations in Boca Raton, Tampa and Houston.

“If we had an infrastructure large enough, we could grow by 20 or 30 stores per month,” said Paul Allen, vice president of Woof Gang. “Growing to 1000 stores, I don’t think, would be a problem.” He added that he is happy with the company’s current growth rate.

The low start-up cost for a franchise location, about $85,000, makes it easier for new operators to open stores.

Allen said while Woof Gang is looking to open stores in more southern states, including Virginia and South Carolina, it will maintain a heavy presence in North Carolina, Florida and Texas.

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