October 24, 2023

Yo Mama’s Foods Launches Three Alfredo Sauces 

Yo Mama’s Foods, the all-natural, bestselling handcrafted pasta sauce company, is launching its newest culinary feat: Alfredo sauces. These sauces are available in three flavors: Classic, Spicy and Garlic.

Yo Mama’s Foods crafts sauces that recreate the homemade, authentic tastes that would typically take hours over a stove to prepare, making it easy for home cooks to enjoy healthy, quick-to-prepare dishes for their loved ones every night of the week. Yo Mama’s Alfredo sauces are the cleanest, shelf stable Alfredos on the market, with no added gums or fillers.

“At Yo Mama’s Foods, we make sauces so you can gather around the table with foods that are delicious, fresh and better for you,” said David Habib, Yo Mama’s Founder. “Americans love Alfredo sauces, and our culinary team worked for months perfecting this all-natural recipe made from fresh cream, Parmesan cheese and butter—just like Mama would.”

Because it has no added sugar or gluten, the Yo Mama’s Alfredo sauces are KETO-certified.


The Yo Mama’s Alfredo sauces come in three flavors: Classic, Spicy from the addition of Calabrian chiles and Garlic, perfumed with roasted garlic. In 16-ounce jars with a suggested retail price of $9, Yo Mama’s Alfredo Sauces are available at select retailers nationwide, as well as Amazon.

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