January 4, 2024

“You Are What You Eat” Docuseries Features Prime Roots Plant-Based Meats

Prime Roots, a leading innovator of freshly sliced plant-based deli classics made from koji, is featured in final episode 4 of the “You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment” docuseries that launched on Netflix January 1, 2024. The docuseries follows four sets of twins whose diets diverge with one eating an omnivore diet and the other plant-based to see how key health indicators changed.

The series was based on the recent Stanford Study that showed multiple benefits of eating plant-based after just four weeks of the diet change. The participants with a plant-based diet had significantly less body weight and insulin — all of which are associated with improved cardiovascular health — than the meat-eating participants.

“You Are What You Eat” shows most conventional deli meats are not good for you but now there are new easy ‘one to one’ plant-based deli swaps that can be part of a healthy lifestyle,” said Kimberlie Le Co-founder and CEO of Prime Roots, “People crave delicious foods and Prime Roots fresh, sliced-to-order koji-deli meat delivers indulgent sandwiches during Veganuary and all year long.”

Prime Roots, Co-founder and CEO Kimberlie Le worked with award-winning chefs to develop the first of its kind deli classics—including cracked pepper koji-turkey, black forest koji-ham, koji-salami and koji-pepperoni, koji-bacon to emulate the savory, meaty taste and texture that consumers demand for meat substitutes. Crafted with the same epicurean processes of roasting, drying and curing, Prime Roots koji-meats are a near perfect meat replica that can be shaved, thick cut for sandwiches or purchased by the pound at the deli. Plus, nutritionally, Prime Roots’ products have protein, fiber and do not contain nitrates, hormones, antibiotics, cholesterol, soy, top nine allergens and are non-GMO and gluten-free.

Expanding rapidly in distribution, Prime Roots deli classics and charcuterie can currently be ordered in California, Oregon and New York City. Visit store finder for specific locations.

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