June 28, 2022

A-Sha Noodles Launches New Meteor Noodle

A-Sha Noodles – the cult-favorite noodle brand known for its patented, 100-year-old legacy noodle recipe from Tainan, Taiwan – launched the Meteor Noodle, an innovative noodle shape created by using a patented dual blade to form textured ridges that allow sauce to coat the entirety of the noodle surface.

All of A-Sha’s noodles, including the new Meteor Noodle, are air-dried for 18 hours and made simply with wheat, salt and water. The Meteor Noodle ($13.99 / 4-pack) has more than double the surface area of A-Sha’s signature noodles and offers a thicker noodle with a slightly more chewy bite. The noodle is also paired with a new Fried Sauce, which is A-Sha’s Doenjang recipe, made with soy sauce and soybeans and can be topped with additional ingredients like fresh scallions, chili crisp and more.

With the debut of the Meteor Noodle, A-Sha aims to innovate the instant ramen noodle industry, which has remained stagnant for close to 30 years. The new noodle launches on the heels of A-Sha’s recent collaboration with Hello Kitty & Friends (offering vibrantly designed packages of Dry Noodles and Cup Noodles) and prior to the launch of a special collaboration with BT21 next month.

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