July 1, 2024

HOIST Partners with HMY Yacht Sales Ahead of 2024 HMY Lowcountry Cup Fishing Tournament

HOIST, innovator in the hydration industry, is excited to announce its partnership with HMY Yacht Sales as a sponsor of the highly anticipated 2024 HMY Lowcountry Cup Fishing Tournament. The tournament, scheduled to take place from July 3 to July 6, 2024, in Charleston, SC, brings together avid anglers and enthusiasts from around the country for a thrilling competition on the water.

The HMY Lowcountry Cup will consist of three fish days and competing teams can pick their best two out of three days. The event concludes each day of fishing with a weigh-in, followed by live music and food and an awards presentation on the end of the final day to name the winners.

As part of this partnership, HOIST will supply its hydration drinks to teams on every participating boat during the tournament–ensuring that competitors are well equipped to face the sun and heat while out on the water with premium hydration.

When out on the water, people can face dehydration risks from multiple factors especially during the summer. Sun exposure increases sweating and fluid loss if hydration isn’t maintained. High temperatures and humidity near the water further escalate the body’s need for fluids and physical activities like swimming and boating increase water demand due to exertion. HOIST offers a hydrating solution to these challenges, making it the best source of electrolytes for any recreational activity on the water this summer.

“Staying hydrated is crucial, especially when facing elements on the open water,” said HOIST Director of Business Development Rachel Trotta. “We are excited to partner with HMY Yachts and support the HMY Lowcountry Cup Fishing Tournament. Our goal is to ensure that all participants can perform at their best with the proper hydration they need.”

As one of three electrolyte beverages approved for use by the US Department of Defense, HOIST’s IV-level hydration is well-known and widely used for its ability to improve performance and maintain peak physical and mental health. HOIST has quickly gained recognition for its scientifically developed formula designed to deliver rapid hydration and an electrolyte mix without unnecessary additives. Since its inception, HOIST has become a trusted hydration drink among athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and professionals seeking effective and reliable hydration solutions.

The 2024 HMY Lowcountry Cup Fishing Tournament promises to be an exciting event, combining the thrill of sportfishing with the beauty of Charleston’s coastal waters. HOIST looks forward to contributing to the success of the tournament and supporting participants in achieving their best catch throughout the competition.

HOIST is also proud to further its presence in the Southeast US through its partner Southern Crown Partnerships– a premier beverage distribution company serving the S.C. Lowcountry Coastal Plains of Georgia.

HOIST IV-level drinks offer quick and refreshing hydration options for any hydration station, available in bottles, powder sticks and liquid pouches.

For more information about HOIST or to see the entire HOIST lineup visit HOIST. Keep up with the latest HOIST news on Instagram @drinkhoist.






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